Pedigree Blue








Blue Angel

Rosebud of Cranas Fireball DNA-VP

Ch Dragon Runs Look At Me DNA-VP


Ch Windogos Rainbow Serpent DNA-CP

Ch Jubilees Federal Agent

Ch Windogos Southern Belle

Ch Kalikynos Just For Autumnwood DNA-CP

WTCH Casa Buena Poco Slick RTDs

Ch Autumnwood Papaya Pie CD

Bon Chance River Cut Krystl DNA-CP

Ch Cimarrons Special Request

Ch By Popular Demand of Cimarron

Peachcreeks Poetry In Motion

Starstuffs Cutting Edge CDX

WTCH Powder River Motown Slick

Manchados Final Cut STDcds

Lady Beauty Rosebud of Crana DNA-CP

Ch Prizms Inside Track DNA-CP

Prizms Hyperformance

Ch Sunshines Action Jackson

Peachcreeks Hi-Tech Hypercolor

Ch Propwash Marshmallow Pies

SVCH WTCH Ch Beauwoods Rustlin'in the Sun UDT RD RV-N DNA-CP

Ch Bayshores Lucy In the Sky CD

Muddy Fields Copper Jill

Blackwoods Yellow Foot Paco DNA-CP

Ch Legacys Leader of the Band

Legacys Let Freedom Ring

Phillips Tuffeldee Ruff DNA-CP

Phillips Billy Bob

Phillips Sissy Ruff



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